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Extreme Car Driving Simulator has been one of the most popular mobile racing games since it first launched on Android in 2014. Over the years, the game has gone through many updates and changes. For Android users who have been playing Extreme Car Driving Simulator for a long time, it’s interesting to take a trip down memory lane and see how the game has evolved.

The Early Days

The first version of Extreme Car Driving Simulator offered very basic graphics and gameplay. There were only a few cars to choose from and a limited open world to explore. However, even in these early versions, the realistic physics engine made driving an exciting challenge. Steering wheel, tilt, and arrow controls allowed players to race through cities and countrysides while performing stunts and crashes along the way.

Expanding Content

Later versions of Extreme Car Driving Simulator built upon that foundation with new features like more detailed car damage, customization options, and additional camera angles. The world expanded from a single city to multiple urban and rural environments. The car roster grew to over 40 vehicles from major manufacturers like Audi, Bugatti, and Nissan. Players could also choose to turn off traction control, ABS, and other assistance to make driving even more difficult.

Improved Graphics

Around 2020, Extreme Car Driving Simulator got a major graphical upgrade. The lighting, textures, and assets were overhauled to take advantage of improvements in mobile technology. This made the game look much more modern, with shiny car paint and beautiful environmental reflections. The world also became more interactive, with destructible objects like columns and barriers.

Customization & Multiplayer

In recent years, Extreme Car Driving Simulator has focused on expanding both customization options and multiplayer functionality. Players can now deeply customize their cars with body kits, decals, rims, and more. The game has also integrated more social features to allow racing and competing against friends. However, the single-player open world and stunt driving modes remain equally popular.

The Future

It will be exciting to see where Extreme Car Driving Simulator goes in the future as mobile gaming hardware and software continues advancing. The developers have already hinted that a new map is in the works. We can likely expect even more realistic graphics, driving physics, customization, and multiplayer integration down the road. For long-time fans, it will be great to continue this journey back to where it all started with those first simple Android versions.

Older Versions of Extreme Car Driving Simulator

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