Best Android Racing Games

Best Android Racing Games 2024 – Top 10 Picks for Mobile Speed

Android devices have come a long way in terms of gaming capabilities, with many racing games now offering console-quality graphics and realistic physics on mobile. Racing fans are spoiled for choice, with a wide selection of high-octane games to satisfy any need for speed.

From hardcore simulations to over-the-top arcade racers, there’s something for everyone. Casual players can jump straight into the action with easy pick-up-and-play controls, while gearheads can fine-tune their vehicles for optimal performance. Open-world environments give you the freedom to drive wherever you want, and online multiplayer modes let you compete with racers around the world.

This roundup covers the top 10 best racing games currently available on Android. We’ll explore what makes each one great and help you decide which titles belong in your virtual garage. Whether you’re a fan of exotic supercars, classic muscle cars, or good old fashioned street racing, you’re sure to find something to love in this list. So start your engines and get ready to burn rubber on Android!

Best Racing Games for Android

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

1. Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator lives up to its name with remarkably realistic physics and extremely detailed vehicle models. You can fine-tune gear ratios, tire pressure, suspension settings, and more to customize performance. An open world environment with over 30 square kilometers of drivable area gives you the freedom to cruise the streets and explore off-road areas while evading traffic and police. With hundreds of vehicles to unlock and the ability to mod everything from engines to body kits, gearheads will find endless customization possibilities.

Ultimate Car Driving Simulator

2. Ultimate Car Driving Simulator

Ultimate Car Driving Simulator impresses with high-quality visuals and extremely responsive controls. An expansive open world filled with challenges like ramp jumps and slaloms provides hours of driving excitement. You can customize and upgrade a garage with over 30 vehicles, including exotic supercars, muscle cars, and 4×4 trucks. Realistic crash physics and accurate vehicle damage modeling amp up the realism. The game is frequently updated with new content and tuning options in response to player feedback.

Drive Zone Online

3. Drive Zone Online

As an online multiplayer racer, Drive Zone Online delivers intense competition against real opponents. Events like street races, drift trials, and demolition derbies keep the action fresh. The game boasts console-quality visuals with detailed car models and beautiful environments. In-depth tuning options allow you to set up your car for optimum performance. Fair matchmaking and good server connectivity makes racing against others smooth and lag-free. If you’re looking to measure your racing prowess against real people, Drive Zone Online is a top choice.

CarX Street

4. CarX Street

CarX Street stands out for its gorgeously detailed vehicles, authentic urban environments, and impressively realistic driving physics. You can push the limits with advanced tuning options that accurately simulate real-world performance modifications. The open world city invites you to cruise streets and highways while dodging realistic traffic. An active online community provides both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes for testing your skills against other drivers. Overall, CarX Street sets a new standard for mobile racing visuals and physics.

CarX Street

5. Assoluto Racing

Assoluto Racing offers a compelling mix of sim racing realism and arcade style action. Gorgeously detailed tracks based on real-world locations combine with a physics engine that provides an authentic sense of speed and weight transfer in the corners. You can fine-tune gearing, suspension geometry, aerodynamics, and more to coax optimal performance out of each car. The single player career mode will keep you busy upgrading cars and dominating races, while online multiplayer opens up near-limitless replay value. Assoluto Racing is easily one of the most well-rounded mobile racers out there.

Need for Speed No Limits

6. Need for Speed: No Limits

As one of the longest running arcade racing franchises, Need for Speed needs no introduction. With No Limits, the series transitions seamlessly to mobile without losing an ounce of its trademark breakneck racing action. You’ll pilot exotic performance cars through high speed street races and drift events while evading the police. Extensive customization and upgrade paths let you build your dream ride. As an arcade racer, realism takes a back seat to non-stop driving excitement, making this a great pick for casual players.

GRID Autosport

7. GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport brings the intense racing action and gorgeous visuals of the popular console/PC franchise to Android devices. Meticulously detailed vehicles and tracks provide an unparalleled level of realism for mobile. The handling model demands precision and skill, perfectly capturing the challenge of high performance racing. Players can build a career by competing across a variety of events like Touring Cars, Open Wheel Formula cars, and Tuner events. With hundreds of cars, custom liveries, and multiplayer support, GRID Autosport is a must-have for serious racing fans.

Real Racing 3

8. Real Racing 3

As one of the pioneers of mobile racing games, Real Racing 3 continues to impress with a combination of great graphics, realistic handling, and fair monetization. Licensed vehicles from top manufacturers including Porsche, BMW, and Ferrari precisely mimic their real-world counterparts. Beautifully rendered tracks are paired with console-quality visual effects to deliver an immersive driving experience. Extensive single player career events and regular multiplayer contests give you plenty of racing action. Overall, Real Racing 3 sets the gold standard for mobile racers after over 10 years of continual refinement.

CSR Racing 2

9. CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 brings the popular drag racing franchise to Android with a level of visual polish rarely seen in mobile games. You can almost feel the thundering horsepower of these beautifully rendered performance cars. Timing the launch and shifts perfectly off the line makes beating opponents in the quarter mile a satisfying challenge. An extensive career mode sees you take on various crews as you upgrade your fleet of exotic supercars. With regular online events and leaderboards, as well as the ability to form crews with friends, CSR Racing 2 has forged an active community of fans addicted to its simple but compelling drag racing action.

Horizon Chase

10. Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase stands out with its vibrant retro graphics and soundtrack clearly inspired by classic 80’s racers. Don’t let the arcade visuals fool you though, the handling strikes a perfect balance between drift-happy fun and challenging cornering. Colorful tracks filled with branching routes promote exploration and mastery, with new environments and cars unlocked as you progress through events. Local split-screen multiplayer lets you race friends on the same device for casual competition. Overall, Horizon Chase aces the simple pleasure of arcade racing, making it perfect for quick pick-up-and-play sessions.


This roundup covers the top racing games currently available on Android, from hardcore simulations to casual arcade fun. Extreme Car Driving Simulator and Ultimate Car Driving Simulator lead the pack when it comes to realistic physics and tuning depth. Online racers like Drive Zone Online and CarX Street offer intense multiplayer competition. Classic franchises like Need for Speed and GRID showcase arcade and sim racing action respectively with excellent production values.

With Android devices now rivaling consoles in gaming capability, there’s never been a better time to satisfy your need for mobile speed. So grab your favorite controller or gaming phone, strap in, and get ready to burn virtual rubber with these awesome racing game picks!

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