Extreme Car Driving Simulator VS Ultimate Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator VS Ultimate Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator and Ultimate Car Driving Simulator are two of the most popular car driving simulator games available on mobile devices. Both games aim to provide a realistic driving experience with detailed physics, vast open worlds to explore, and tons of customization options. However, there are some key differences between the two that users should consider when deciding which game to play.

Gameplay and Physics

The core gameplay of Extreme Car Driving Simulator and Ultimate Car Driving Simulator is quite similar. Players get behind the wheel of a variety of vehicles ranging from everyday cars to supercars and race cars. The games emphasize realistic driving physics to mimic the feeling of actually operating real-world vehicles.

However, Extreme Car Driving Simulator is often regarded as having more realistic and detailed driving physics. The game simulates aspects like tire grip, suspension compression, engine and transmission behavior, and advanced damage modeling. This allows for incredibly immersive driving experiences, especially with a steering wheel controller.

By comparison, Ultimate Car Driving Simulator has slightly more arcade-style driving physics that prioritize fun over realism. The physics modeling is still good but lacks some of the depth found in Extreme Car Driving. For casual driving fans, this may actually be preferable as Extreme can have a steep learning curve.

Open World Maps

A major highlight of both games is the ability to freely explore massive open world environments. Extreme Car Driving Simulator’s open world features a large fictional city with winding roads, highways, off-road mountain trails, construction zones, and more. The city feels vibrant and lived-in with realistic scenery and traffic patterns.

Ultimate Car Driving Simulator also provides a substantial open world in the form of a coastal city environment. Players can cruise along beachside highways, downtown city blocks, wooded rural areas, and a race circuit. While nice looking, Extreme Car Driving’s open world is generally considered more expansive and detailed.

Car Customization and Upgrades

An essential element of any car simulator is the ability to customize your vehicles visually and mechanically. Both Extreme Car Driving Simulator and Ultimate Car Driving Simulator offer tons of customization, though Extreme has a clear advantage in options.

Extreme allows players to modify almost every visual aspect of a car from the body panels, wheels, interior materials, and more. You can also tune mechanics like gear ratios, tire pressure, brake bias, camber angle, and install nitrous oxide systems. All of this contributes to making your cars uniquely yours.

By contrast, Ultimate Car Driving Simulator has less extensive customization capabilities. You can change wheels, paint colors, and add body kits but lack the almost ridiculous level of custom tweaks found in Extreme. Mechanical upgrades are also more limited. Still, casual players likely have all they need for enjoyment.

Vehicle Selection

With tons of cars to choose from, Extreme Car Driving Simulator and Ultimate Car Driving Simulator both enable you to drive your dream garage. Extreme boasts over 300 vehicles spanning street cars, SUVs, trucks, hypercars, rally racers, open wheel Formula cars, and more. Models are licensed from major manufacturers like Nissan, Toyota, BMW, and Chevrolet.

Ultimate matches that selection with 300+ vehicles too across many classes. Cars feel less licensed than Extreme but still capture the spirit of real-world models. You can drive supercars from brands like Pagani, Koenigsegg, and Bugatti along with everyday models. Both games receive regular car updates too.

Game Modes

Beyond free driving in the open worlds, Extreme Car Driving Simulator and Ultimate Car Driving Simulator incorporate various game modes:

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

  • Story mode career
  • Limited fuel mode
  • Police chases
  • Time trials
  • Survival mode
  • Free ride
  • Multiplayer racing

Ultimate Car Driving Simulator

  • Drag racing
  • Drift trials
  • Time trials
  • Free ride
  • Survival mode
  • Outrun mode
  • Free ride
  • Multiplayer racing

Extreme Car Driving edges out Ultimate again with more modes, especially the expansive career mode taking players from amateur to pro driver with special events and challenges. But Ultimate includes plenty to do with racing, drifting, and evading the cops.


As newer games built for modern hardware, Extreme Car Driving Simulator and Ultimate Car Driving Simulator feature detailed graphics and visual effects that immerse drivers. Extreme impresses with sprawling city environments filled with dynamic lighting, weather effects like rain and snow, realistic damage, and fine interior details.

By comparison, Ultimate Car Driving Simulator has slightly flatter, less detailed environments and cars. Texture resolution is lower but still quite good for mobile. Extreme looks more like a PC/console title while Ultimate falls more in line with mobile expectations. Those with high-end devices will benefit the most from Extreme’s graphics.


Finally, beyond extensive single player modes, both Extreme Car Driving Simulator and Ultimate Car Driving Simulator incorporate online multiplayer functionality. This allows players to hang out and race with friends and other drivers around the world.

Multiplayer works similarly in both games. You can join an open world session and cruise around while chatting via text and voice chat. Organized multiplayer racing events pit you against other real people too. Extreme Car Driving Simulator claims over 30 million multiplayer users to race against.

Final Verdict

Overall, Extreme Car Driving Simulator generally surpasses Ultimate Car Driving Simulator in terms of realism, customization, graphics, vehicles, game modes, and open world environment detail. As a more mature game, it leverages more advanced hardware to heighten the simulation experience.

However, Ultimate Car Driving Simulator remains an excellent option in its own right. For those seeking a fun and approachable driving sandbox with solid mechanics and tons of activities, it delivers an enjoyable experience. Extreme Car Driving Simulator may simply be too hardcore for more casual racing fans.

So in summary:

  • Extreme Car Driving Simulator is best for players wanting the most realistic and detailed driving experience possible on mobile platforms today.
  • Ultimate Car Driving Simulator caters better to casual driving fans seeking accessible fun over hardcore simulation.

Either way, you really can’t go wrong with these two mobile driving gems! Both games have plenty to offer fans of cars and racing. Download them today and take your dream cars out for a spin!

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